Judicial Philosophy:
I seek to become a judge, not a lawmaker.  I will not legislate from the bench. I will be an umpire who calls balls and strikes, simply applying the law as written to the facts brought before me.  I will work hard every day to ensure the people of York County have faith in our system of justice.  

Why “Faith in Justice”?
People are loosing faith in our justice system for many reasons.  Sometimes it happens because their case drags on for years before they even see a judge.  Sometimes it happens because their judge doesn’t seem to care about or understand their case.  Sometimes people give up because they can’t afford to continue the fight.  Whatever the reason, people feel less and less like they are getting justice.  I will fight to make sure people can have faith in justice by: 1) ensuring meaningful access to the court system; 2) listening carefully to every matter before me; 3) treating every person with dignity and respect; and 4) making decisions fairly and impartially.

Role of the Constitution:
Both the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania serve at least 2 essential purposes.  They: 1) outline how our government is organized; and 2) provide limitations on what actions the government can take.  As a judge, this is the starting point for reviewing governmental action.  First, did the governmental entity have the Constitutional authority to take action, and if so, did they follow the proper steps?  Second, did the governmental entity infringe on a right protected by constitution?  While these may seem like basic questions, they can be applied to property disputes, criminal actions, and even in child custody.  

Why is diverse legal experience important?
When, with your support, I become a judge in the Court of Common Pleas I could be called to hear cases in any one of its divisions: Criminal, Family, Civil, Juvenile, or even Orphans’ Court.  I could hear any type of case from a property dispute, divorce, child custody, contract dispute or personal injury case to a criminal trial, juvenile delinquency case, adoption or will contest.  I have experience in all of these areas of law.  When it’s your property a neighbor is claiming, or your child or grandchild’s well being on the line, do you what a judge who only ever worked on criminal law cases?  My diverse experience allows me to inspire the confidence of those who appears in front of me, regardless of what area I’m called to serve.

How can I trust you’ll do what you say?
I don’t want you to just take my word for it.  I know it’s hard to be educated in every election, but look at my track record.  I support organization like Human Life Services, Typical Life Corporation, and Compassion International.  I’ve spent years educating Pennsylvanians on the legal and safe way to carry a firearm.  As an elected Dover Township Supervisor, I cut taxes and protected property rights.  I’ve given my time to those who can’t afford an attorney, leading my firm to receive the York County Bar Association Firm Pro Bono award in 2018.  You can trust me because I haven’t just talked the talk, but I’ve walked the walk.  

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